Crawford Mack

In his late teens, singer-songwriter Crawford Mack moved from Glasgow to London to develop his career whilst simultaneously studying for a degree in jazz. Now fronting up a high-energy five-piece band, he creates an infectious sound using elements of the folk heritage of home and the nuanced harmony he studied combined with the driving rock music that remains his first love.

Crawford’s lyrics speak of the promise of a good time, the observation of the peculiar and the prickly thrill of uncertainty. They chronicle those awkward moments when you don’t know if you should move forward or tread water, the rabbit-in-the-headlights anxieties that plague us all. And they capture the belief that what’s for you won’t go by you.

Inspiration for his first single, ‘Central Station’, came while reading Stefan Zweig's novella 'Journey Into The Past'. It's essentially the story of a man who seeks to rekindle a romance with the one that got away, though they are both now otherwise attached.

Zweig's book is set on a train journey that the former lovers take together. “This made me think about my many journeys to and from Glasgow’s Central Station and the sheer number of people I’d see embracing or tearfully waving goodbye under the magnificent arched glass roof, which in turn led me to wondering about how many of the travellers had single or return tickets. Was this a beginning or an end?

“One train leaves whilst another pulls into the station. Perhaps you’re embarking on a new relationship though secretly wishing that someone else were available. What if...? Timing and doubt can thwart the brightest hope and dash unspoken longings.”


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I would always watch our shadows, how they'd merge when you emerge and embrace before we do

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